Manna Biotech is an integrated Life Sciences research organisation that offers a wide range of research training services and new solutions to the life sciences community. PhD holders with excellent research experience created this company. We saw a need for an integrated service provider for the fast growing life sciences and biotech industries and academics throughout the PhD programme. Our objective is to provide high-quality research training, as well as comprehensive consulting and research outsourcing, delivered by qualified personnel. We provide high-quality bioinformatics and cheminformatics services and training. We also provide advanced bioinformatics and cheminformatics training, short courses, summer projects, and Bio IT (bioperl, Python) courses. Both in-person and online training is available. We also assist researchers by intelligently evaluating data from their projects and assisting with the authoring of projects for submission to funding organisations and publications. The Data Analysis department will be able to assist you in a variety of ways to move your research project forward, and we have the knowledge to aid you at every stage of the process.Clinical trials and pharmaceutical research benefit from the usage of cheminformatics tools. People who use our services have their privacy protected by us. By safeguarding your personal information, we hope to earn your trust. We keep all of the information you submit to us private and confidential. 


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